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Currently working as a Network Engineer/consultant with a Cisco Gold Partner IT Integration Company called OutcomeX formerly Uplinx Group. I specialise in the Collaboration arena designing and deploying Cisco Collaboration solutions for organisations of all sizes. I find this collaboration space to be very dynamic which keeps life interesting.

I also work across various other disciplines including Route/Switch, Wireless, Datacenter /w VMware and NetApp, Security /w ASA range.

I started this blog to allow me to quickly flick back through notes on various issues or general knowledge of technologies or methods. Customers have also requested various how-to docs etc which I now post here. I am still considering my CCIE in Collaboration, I have CCNP Voice and have kept my CCIE Collaboration Written up-to-date. As for now, I find time to be my biggest challenge in achieving this elusive cert.

The best way I tend to learn is to share what I’ve read or done. There will be errors in my posts from time to time, if you do spot any, please let me know and I will correct.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have found several articles on your blog here very helpful. I’ve been doing Cisco UC for 10+ years but there is always an installation or situation that ends up stumping people at some point. I’ve found your posts useful for these instances as well as a good repository for the things that I just need to reference from time to time. Keep up the excellent posts.

  2. Is it possible to end silent monitor of an agent by just hanging up the receiver and try to silent monitor another agent? The only time I see a selection “to end” is with the barge-in feature. Thank you

  3. Very useful blog, I started my ccie Collab written preparation, and i found it very helpful to understand, MVA setup is great
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Great site and I hope you keep it going. I have been working with Cisco UC since it was Windows based and love the technology and the challenges it brings.

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