Activating Services on IM&P – AXL Service

Little gotcha with activating services on the Cisco IM & Presence Server version 11.0.1.XXXXX-X. After selecting ‘Set to Default’ for Service Activation, we can see the Cisco AXL Web Server is indeed already activated – great. However when we go ahead and click ‘Save’, essentially activating the selected services, the Cisco AXL Web Server returns to ‘Deactivated’. This is a critical service to allow Jabber to connect to the IMP Cluster, so you’ll need to go back and check the Cisco AXL Web Service to activate the service.

This is easy to miss and can cause some pain when you try and connect Jabber for the first time..

As we can see below the Cisco AXL Web Service is showing as Activated.

Cisco AXL Web Service

After selecting SAVE, the Cisco AXL Web Service returns to Deactivated.
Cisco AXL Web Service

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