Aug 05

Informacast Paging Basic Setup with CUCM

Informacast Paging UCM Edition Basic Information

- 50 members maximum in a recipient group.
- Can have multiple recipient groups
- Can have multiple Triggers or Dialcasts configured.
- Only support live paging.

Initial Informacast Paging System Install

- Deploy VM OVA
- IP Address Details
- Hostname

Configure CUCM

- Set the SNMP Read-Only string. This is configured from the Serviceability Page -> SNMP. Informacast only requires v2 SNMP and Read Only attribute.
- Activate the Cisco CallManager SNMP Service
- Configure 1x Route Point and minimum 2x CTI Ports. The CTI Ports are only for outbound usage. Route Points are the triggers for various paging announcements. The DNs configured for Route Points need to match the Dialcast DN in Informacast.
- Create a new Application user and assign AXL and the general CTI Groups. Add the above CTI RP and CTI Ports to the application user.
- Enable Web Access for intending destination phones.
- Modify the authentication URL in Enterprise Parameters. Copy the URL from the Informacast Server under the Telephony Configuration. The URL must be http://. Must also be copied to both the non-secure and secure Authentication URL Field.

Configuring Informacast Paging

Configure the telephony configuration, ensure the CUCM configuration is in-place first and SNMP Service has been activated.

Cisco Paging
Configure broadcast parameters. Ensure the “Send Commands to Phones By JTAPI is not checked.

Create Recipient Group. (Remembering 50 member is the limit per group).

Configure the Dialcast settings. Essentially, this is the trigger for the live page. Each Dialcast DN maps to a Route Point configure on CUCM. Also then map the recipient group to receive the Page.

Check the overview and status of the Informacast paging system. You should see the CUCM Cluster is connected and showing the version and also the CTI Points should be showing.

Note: The CTI Route Points and CTI Ports should be registered in CUCM.

Multicast Configuration

Informacast Paging uses multicast for live pages. The broadcast parameters displays the multicast address.

In its basic form, we need to enable multicast on the switches and routers. We also need to configure the L3 interfaces to participate in the multicast network. By default Multicast will not traverse L3 networks.

In its simplest form do the following:

Dense Mode

(config)# ip multicast-routing
(config)# interface fa0/0
(config-int)# ip pim sparse-dense-mode

**Repeat for all interfaces leading to an L3 network to which you should be receiving live pages.

Sparse Mode

(config)# ip multicast-routing
(config)# ip pim rp-address ip_address_of_central_L3_device

(config)# interface fa0/0
(config-int)# ip pim sparse-dense-mode