Cisco Expressway 8.8 Features

There a couple of new features in version 8.8 for Cisco Expressway that is worth mentioning. One feature is the introduction of being able to register SIP Devices to the Expressway-C device. H323 is on the road map and will be introduced in a later release. Devices that can be registered include Desktop Endpoints such as the DX and EX Series and room based endpoints such as the SX and MX series. As well as third-party video SIP endpoints.

The licensing structure for such registrations will follow the same principles as CUCM. Desktop endpoints will require a UCL Enhanced or above and Telepresence endpoints will require a Room based license. Partners/Customers will be able to select what Call Control server (Expressway-C or CUCM) the license will be installed on at the time of registering the PAK.

This architecture will now complement Video only infrastructure where CUCM is not deployed in the organisation.

Cisco Expressway 8.8

The second is more a modification as opposed to a feature. The RMS License model has been revised and now the Expressway-E device is the only device required to host an RMS (Traversal) License. Pre 8.8 both the Expressway-C and Expressway-E devices were required to host RMS Licenses.

The one exception being is if the Expressway-C device is performing interoperability between Cisco registered endpoints and third-party standalone or registered endpoints. EG MS SFB Business endpoints.

Cisco Expressway 8.8

Cisco Expressway 8.8

These images were referenced from Cisco’s CCP Presentation.

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