MoH – SIP CUBE to ITSP without MTP

No Music to PSTN using SIP Cube toward ITSP? Using an MTP would resolve this issue, however if using an MTP was not an option, then use the below SIP Profile statement to allow Music on hold to stream toward the PSTN.

Create (or append if you are already using sip-profiles) a sip-profile voice class and add statements.

voice class sip-profiles 1
request REINVITE sdp-header Audio-Attribute modify “inactive” “sendrecv”
request ACK sdp-header Audio-Attribute modify “sendonly” “sendrecv”
response 200 sdp-header Audio-Attribute modify “sendonly” “sendrecv”

Apply the sip-profiles globally or on the Dial-Peer.


Voice service voip
sip-profiles 1


Voice-class sip profiles 1

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