Feb 20

ATA190 Faxing to PSTN via ISDN and CUCM SIP Trunk

I’ve been deploying a lot of CUBE environments of late with faxing working from the T.38 protocol. I did want to jot something down regarding faxing to the PSTN via ISDN using an ATA190 registered to CUCM (doesn’t really matter what version) and connected the Voice gateway via a SIP Trunk.

I’m based in Australia and the fax settings I’ve found to be most successful as follows.

ATA190 Device Configuration page in CUCM

  •  Ring Voltage = 70V
  • Ring Frequency = 25Hz
  • Fax Mode = NSE Fax Pass-through g711alaw

 Voice Gateway (Cisco IOS)

Under the Voice Service Voip Menu.

  • modem passthrough nse codec g711alaw

CUCM SIP Trunk configured as per normal, no special configuration. I have aLaw configured, I found  uLaw (which is also acceptable in Australia) was working for outbound faxing but not for inbound faxing, however I have had some case where the opposite is true.

Just a matter of making logical/strategic changes to the faxing configuration to ensure both directions are operating correctly.

Nov 10

Configuring an Analogue Device on the Second Port of an ATA190

To access the second port on an ATA190 device, you need to shift the device MAC Address by two digits and append the digits ’01′ to the end of the device MAC Address. Below is an example.

First Analogue Port MAC Address.

MAC Address of ATA190 is 34DBFD184921

Second Analogue Port MAC Address.

MAC Address of ATA190 is DBFD18492101 (the ’34′ has been discarded and ’01′ has been appended to the end)

Simply Add New Devices, select ATA190 then enter the required MAC Address to access the device configuration page.