Nov 14

MoH Silent – SIP CUBE to ITSP without MTP – OPTION 2

More MoH talk with ITSP and CUBE’s. I mentioned in earlier posts that playing MoH without an MTP can be achieved by creating sip-profiles to manipulate some of the SDP attributes. I recently have another MoH issues where the MoH stream was simply dead air or silent. Of course enabling the MTP on the SIP Trunk in CUCM resolved the issue.. however we want to avoid forcing an MTP for all calls.

I resolved this by removing the cmd “pass-thru content sdp” under the Voice Service Voip -> SIP config menu. In this case the sip-profile route was not working for me.. The above cmd negates the Gateway in the negotiation process, hence passing through codec and mtp negotiations. The potential problem here is the mismatch between CUCM and ITSP, we want the gateway to participate and effectively inter-work between CUCM and the ITSP.

If you have other options or methods that work to combat silence in MoH using an ITSP, please post.

Apr 19

MoH – SIP CUBE to ITSP without MTP

No Music to PSTN using SIP Cube toward ITSP? Using an MTP would resolve this issue, however if using an MTP was not an option, then use the below SIP Profile statement to allow Music on hold to stream toward the PSTN.

Create (or append if you are already using sip-profiles) a sip-profile voice class and add statements.

voice class sip-profiles 1
request REINVITE sdp-header Audio-Attribute modify “inactive” “sendrecv”
request ACK sdp-header Audio-Attribute modify “sendonly” “sendrecv”
response 200 sdp-header Audio-Attribute modify “sendonly” “sendrecv”

Apply the sip-profiles globally or on the Dial-Peer.


Voice service voip
sip-profiles 1


Voice-class sip profiles 1

Sep 23

Download MoH Files from CUCM

To download Music on Hold WAV files from CUCM follow the below CLI commands. This will download all MoH WAV files on the CUCM to your SFTP Server. Once downloaded, you are able use the ‘ulaw’ wav file to upload to a different CUCM Server.

admin:file list activelog mohprep
CiscoMOHSourceReport.xml                Test-AudioTrack_01_2009.alaw.wav
Test-AudioTrack_01_2009.g729.wav        Test-AudioTrack_01_2009.ulaw.wav
Test-AudioTrack_01_2009.wb.wav          Test-AudioTrack_01_2009.xml
Test-AudioTrack_17_2009.alaw.wav        Test-AudioTrack_17_2009.g729.wav
Test-AudioTrack_17_2009.ulaw.wav        Test-AudioTrack_17_2009.wb.wav
Test-AudioTrack_17_2009.xml             Test-IPCCHold_20secs_2009.alaw.wav
Test-IPCCHold_20secs_2009.g729.wav      Test-IPCCHold_20secs_2009.ulaw.wav
Test-IPCCHold_20secs_2009.wb.wav        Test-IPCCHold_20secs_2009.xml
SampleAudioSource.alaw.wav              SampleAudioSource.g729.wav
SampleAudioSource.ulaw.wav              SampleAudioSource.wb.wav
dir count = 0, file count = 21

admin:file get activelog mohprep
Please wait while the system is gathering files info …done.
Sub-directories were not traversed.
Number of files affected: 21
Total size in Bytes: 44978093
Total size in Kbytes: 43923.918

Would you like to proceed [y/n]? y
SFTP server IP:
SFTP server port [22]:
User ID: ben
Password: ********

Download directory: /

The authenticity of host ’ (’ can’t be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 0c:86:dd:98:e4:76:52:ac:a6:92:d8:97:8c:8c:df:31.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes

Transfer completed.

May 25

UCCX 10 – Intermittent MoH

Recently I had an issue where MOH intermittently was not playing to callers in a UCCX Queue. The symptoms were not logical. MOH played ok to a PSTN caller who connected to a CTI Port that was later also used for another PSTN caller where MOH did not play.

After checking the Data Sync in the AppAdmin portal, I could see that the renaming of the MOH file caused the UCCX and CUCM to become out of sync. A Simple ‘Data Resync’ on the Data Synchronisation page resolved the MOH issues.

Data Synchronisation - Cisco UCCX 10