Jan 28

Creating a Photo Repository for Collaboration Edge.

Install IIS on a selected Windows Server. Select the basic features, no need to change the defaults.
Open the IIS Management Window. Navigate to the Default Website. If this is an existing IIS Server, Right-click the Default Website and select “Add New Website”. Assign the new website a name, default path and unique port to use. More than likely the default website will already be port 80, so choose a different port.

Add your photos to the default path you selected above. The filename for the each photo must be in the following format: username.jpg

Modify the jabber-config.xml file and add the following lines:


Upload the jabber-config.xml to the all CUCM Servers. Restart the TFTP Service.

Browse to the VCS Control. Navigate to Configuration -> Unified Communications -> Configuration page. Under Advanced, select the hyperlink “Configure HTTP Server Allow List”. Select New to add the photo repository server to the Whitelist. Complete the IP Address and Description details and select create entry.

The Jabber client will now have access to the photo repository server from both inside and outside the corporate network.

Jul 30

Photo Retrieval Using UDS Directory Service in Jabber

Configuring Photo retrieval in Jabber clients to work with UDS Directory Services is slightly different to the EDI methods.

The only photo retrieval method UDS supports is HTTP Based. So you’ll need to create a web server to save your photos too.

Ensure that you can browse and open the photos from a PC or laptop using the HTTP path.

UDS uses a URL Template to dynamically build the photo retrieval path. The variable used by UDS is %%uid%%, this is the username field in CUCM EndUser.

Therefore the only line of code we need in the Jabber-config.xml file is the following


Example Jabber-conf.xml file layout.


Note: If you had tried other methods of photo retrieval, you may need to remove the CSF folder under %profile%\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber. then sign back into Jabber.

Photos should be 128px x 128px. However the Jabber Client will resize if the image is larger.

To verify the photoUrlTemplate is correct review the Jabber Log file under %profile%\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Logs\ and search for the line ‘photoUrlTemplate=’

This should reflect the value of the field in the jabber-config.xml file.