WFO QM Not Syncing with CCX

A quick little blurb regarding WFO QM and CCX DB Connection.. I’ve setup QM a number of times now.. But I know the below is a little gotcha for newbies.. and speaking from experience this can be very frustrating!

Problem is when attempting to connect the QM Server to the CCX DB. No error is displayed in the Post Install setup.. However, you do not see any CCX info such as Agents when configuring the via the Admin Portal. When attempting to run a manual sync via the Admin Portal, it errors out.

The Sync Log show the below error:

ERROR SYNC2000 Failed to connect to side A of an ACD connection. Will try side B

Resolution is to replace the hyphens with underscores in the server name. This piece of information can be found in the install guide for QM.. Obviously my eyes perused over this key piece of information!

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